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At the Grand Finale event we will recognise a National Series Champion for the year in both outright overall ranking, and also handicap (by a points system from handicap events through the year).

  • The Overall Champion shall be crowned from a total of 300 possible points (Percentage scores using the same FITASC ‘percentage’ method that is used for National ranking list described below).

  • The Handicap Champion shall be determined from a total of 75 possible points, using a simple points scoring system based on places gained at each of the Universal Handicap 150 target matches through the year. For each event the top 10 Handicap placings are awarded Championship points. The winner receives 25 points, the second-place finisher 18 points, with 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1 points for positions 3 through 10, respectively

  • For both Championships, the Grand Finale event at seasons end is a compulsory attendance event, which is counted along with a shooters top 2 point scores from any of the seasons events prior to the Grand Finale. (Making it 3 scores to count).



The events within the calendar year make up the UTNZ season and will form the opportunities to establish yourself on the National ranking list. Ranking lists shall be established using the FITASC ‘percentage’ method, taking your top 3 percentages out of any of the series events. Unlike the Series Championship, no events are compulsory, any 3 will give a ranking number.


The criteria will be based on the FITASC Cups system. The winning score of any given event is rated as 100%, with all scores from the event being rated as a percentage of this winning score. i.e The winner shoots 144/150. The 144 is rated as 100%. 2nd shoots 141 (97.92%), with 3rd and 4th both on 139 (both get 96.53%), and 5th on 136 (94.44%). This system has been proven on a world stage by FITASC, and worked well for UTNZ so far. It removes range and weather conditions as factors, but still rewards shooting close scores, and chasing every target. It will be a fair system in establishing ranking lists for all categories.


Ranking categories are; Juniors (U21), Ladies, Men (21-55), Seniors (56-65) Veterans (incl. Masters) (66-onwards)

National Series Champs
National Ranking List
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