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JANUARY 2nd & 3rd 2021

This was our second New Years weekend at Hawke's Bay CTC for our season kick off, and it's been another great event. Over 40 shooters again with the majority ticking both boxes on 150 Compak and 150 Universal Trench meant a heap of targets out of the traps. We'd love to carry on what is becoming a New Years tradition at HBCTC, so keep it in mind for next year.

Thanks goes to the HB club and committee for their positive and progressive approach to UTNZ Inc., this event, and both the UT and Compak disciplines. HB has done a lot of work for all it's clay target disciplines over the last few years, and we had a lot of people attend the club for the first time, with all giving glowing praise to the club and it's future.

Our series sponsors in Laporte, Kilwell, and Target Products Ltd (Fiocchi NZ and Falcon ammuniton) have continued their unwavering support of the UTNZ Inc. series, and our gratitude grows with every event. These brands are synonymous with clay target shooting and wider shooting sports in NZ, and we love being aligned with such quality brands. Please continue to support those who support us.

A big thanks as always, goes to everyone who entered the event and shot the competition. We really appreciate each and every shooter who turns out to shoot, and we love meeting new people, and welcoming our regulars.

Compak 150

Using two fields to alternate between, we ensured different fields for all six rounds, and with the quality field of shooters in attendance, including some top end sporting names, we had at least one possible shot on each field. Adam Green showed his class by pulling clear by the end of Sunday, finishing strongly on a possible in his last round. Craig Matthews matched Adam's Sunday form also shooting 73/75, including a 50 straight. Max Edwards also kept it consistent to take the 3rd place overall.

Handicap covered a wide mix of shooting experience. Adam Green with a slim allowance over the 150 against those with lower percentage rule off's getting a larger head start. Great to see young shooter James Sullivan mixing it right at the pointy end, along with adaptable shotgunner Toby Nicholl pulling away. After winning the Handicap, Toby receives an 'earned handicap by placing' which moves him two brackets up the road for the next one, James and Adam also get a single upward movement.

We're looking forward to our next Compak 150 to see who can get in the money. Feedback has been positive, and mixing in the 150 Compak with the UT seems to be an ideal complimentary combo. Keep an eye out for the next one, and if you liked the fields at Hawke's Bay, keep in mind the HBCTC Compak Club Champs on 7th February (the event is in our wider calendar on this page here)


Off the Gun:

  • Adam Green - 142

  • Craig Matthews - 138

  • Max Edwards - 134


  • Toby Nicholl - 157 (133 + 24 targets in)

  • James Sullivan - 145 (121 + 24 targets in)

  • Adam Green - 144 (142 + 2 targets in) + 10 s/off

  • Craig Matthews - 144 (138 + 6 targets in) + 8 s/off

  • Richard Jacobs - 144 (126 + 18 targets in) + 4 s/off

  • Bruce Cattell - 143 (113 + 30 targets in)


Universal Trench 150

Hawke's Bay CTC need to be commended on their Universal Trench install. The install completed over a year ago was first put into use at our New Year event 2020, and Hawke's Bay have plenty of UT in their regular club calendar. Keep an eye on their upcoming events for 2021 on our wider event calendar by scrolling down on our events page)

We were excited to see Natalie Rooney take out the Universal Trench 150 in our first event for 2021. Natalie was sitting on 70/75 at the half way point at Saturday evening, two targets behind leaders Tim Fuller (50 straight Saturday) and Daniel Feutz. There was a very tight field which was awesome to see, with experienced hands Dave Hern and Graeme Ede on 70 also, and a further 5 shooters on 69 including junior Henry Borthwick, top sporting shooter Darryl Braun, and NZCTA councillor Mike Tarbitt. Sunday saw Natalie shoot 72 to finish one target clear of the field on 142. A shoot off was required for the 141's that went on a while after all three shooters remained equal on 24's after the first shoot off round, continuing on to a second full round of single barrel before Daniel Feutz came clear of Tim Fuller and Graeme Ede respectively.

B and C graders made the most of their targets in for the Handicap calculations, with new shooter Sohaib Majid from Hutt Valley CTC showing instant talent to go well clear, with Cameron Spargo knuckling down with 25/25 in the first round of shooting off, he couldn't claw back Sohaib. 7 shooters shot off after their scores adjusted to 150 or better, with the shoot off determining all six spots of the Handicap field. As with the Compak, Sohaib received an 'earned handicap by placing' of two brackets going forward, and Cameron and Bill also an upward movement. But for now, Sohaib takes his well earned place at the top of the Handicap Championship leaderboard after this first event.


Off the Gun:

  • Natalie Rooney - 142

  • Daniel Feutz - 141 + 47 s/off

  • Tim Fuller - 141 + 43 s/off


  • Sohaib Majid - C2 - 165 (135 + 30 targets in) + 26 s/off

  • Cameron Spargo - B2 - 152 (134 + 18 target in) + 33 s/off

  • Bill Luxton - C1 - 153 (129 + 24 targets in) + 24 s/off

  • Henry Borthwick - B2 - 154 (136 + 18 targets in) + 22 s/off

  • Jamie Cane - C1 - 152 (128 + 24 s/off) + 15 s/off

  • David Donald - C1 - 154 (130 + 24 s/off) + 12 s/off


Handicap Weekend High Gun
Toby Nicholl won the Handicap High Gun on a 'targets in' adjusted score of 292/300. (Universal trench 132 + 3 targets in, plus Compak 133 + 24 targets in). A well deserved win for the support Toby had shown to UTNZ Inc. since it's inception, and evidence of his skills and adaptability swapping between his trap under & over and 'never cleaned' hunting gun.
Stuart Mackie Memorial Cup Overall Weekend High Gun

Adam Green took out the Overall Weekend High Gun and Stuart Mackie Memorial Cup after a great display of shooting across the disciplines resulting in 275/300 (Compak 142 + Universal Trench 133). Everyone who saw Adam shooting throughout the weekend would agree he's a genuine class act with a shotgun, applying his well honed skills to any target with success. We can easily see how he's currently in the Top 10 of the FITASC Sporting World Ranking!

The mix of 150 Compak with 150 Universal Trench complimented each other very well, with much positive feedback. Winning the high gun after 300 targets over two challenging disciplines took a big effort, with the winners keeping focus and consistency over 12 rounds. A real endurance effort.

As mentioned, the HBCTC is a really positive force, led by Darryl Remnant as President with a great committee. Secretary Sue Field provided full time organisation over the weekend, and it was greatly appreciated. Appropriately, Sue won on draw of the raffle for $400 Kilwell voucher! Lastly we have to praise Richard Jacobs at the club who, along with help from the committee, is a large driver of progress and work at the club. well done to all.

Thank you to everyone who entered, and who helped to make the event happen. We had a great time meeting new people, and catching up with our ever growing crew of regulars. Book in Timaru on the 3rd and 4th April and we look forward to seeing you there!

Kilwell Voucher Raffle
Thanks to Kilwell, we had two $400 vouchers to raffle, with any proceeds filling the UT team fund. The raffle prizes that we can do in conjunction with Kilwell are certainly worth chasing, and thanks to all those who support these raffles.
  • John Hillock from Nelson was the first draw out of the hat was
  • Second was Sue Field from Hawke's Bay, a very worthy winner with all the help Sue gave the event.
We also went on to draw another 10 names from the hat to dish out some sponsored Laporte merchandise and UTNZ T-shirts.
Full Results
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