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OCTOBER 9th & 10th 2021

A dedicated bunch kicked off the UTNZ Spring 375 weekend in Wellington back on the 8th October, with a Friday visit to the famous Boomrock on Wellingtons west coast for 75 Compak.


Quickly turning from a light hearted competition into an impromptu North vs South event. The South Island took an early lead and didn’t have to do much jeering as the North Island imploded on themselves. After 75 targets each the South Island won by a substantial amount. Continuing in the individual also with Daniel Feutz (Sth) and James Mackie (Nth) finishing equal top score, and Daniel taking the ensuing shoot-off and cementing complete Southern domination on the Friday activities. The comfort for the southerners of seeing their homeland basked in afternoon sunlight out across the Strait, obviously inspired them to this great achievement.


Thanks to the crew who made the Friday effort to get out to Boomrock, and show support to a brilliant organisation who has been a supporter of Universal Trench New Zealand since early days.


Saturday saw the start of the UT and Compak two days matches at Hutt Valley Clay Target Club. Unfortunately Covid stamped it’s effect on the weekend, with situational uncertainty appearing to have an effect on the usually rampant pre entries. A real shame to be missing our Auckland regulars as well, as they were in the early days of what has proven to be a lengthy lockdown. However, the day started off brilliantly, but rain came through in the afternoon to drench us all. Definitely have to be ready for anything in the Hutt Valley.

Day one of the Compak saw some brilliant scores. Might have helped with all the targets being thrown were singles, as per the FITASC scheme options, but that was accounted for by challenging shooters with some technical difficulty thanks to the target setting vision of Adam Green, overseen by HVCTC life member Phil Morrison. On day one Daniel Feutz took the lead shooting 74/75, followed closely by Richard Jacobs and Rob Edwards on 73’s.

In the UT we had a three-way tie for the lead after day one with some great shooting from Nick Wiseman, James Mackie and Cameron Spargo to all end the day on 72/75.

Nick Wiseman was able to continue that brilliant shooting in the UT into day two with shooting a 73/75 to total a 145/150 for the win. Natalie Rooney was able to make a comeback on day two to take out second and Daniel Feutz continued his form, transferring it across both disciplines as we often see, to take out third. We had some great scores for the Handicap UT too with Josh Laurie and Nick Wiseman having to shoot off for first place after finishing on a ‘targets in’ adjusted score of 148, with Josh winning the relatively lengthy shoot off to take first place.

In the Compak day two saw some challenging targets with doubles being thrown. Both Daniel Feutz and Adam Green shot the highest score on day 2 with 69’s. Which ended in Daniel shooting the highest off the gun score of 143. Adam Green and Richard Jacobs had to shoot off for second and third on a score of 141, with Adam winning the shoot off. In the Handicap we had an adjusted score of 150 to take out the title with James Mabin shooting 120 + 30 targets in. Then we had a shoot off with four people of an adjusted score of 147 with Nick Wiseman winning the shoot off against Natalie Rooney, Richard Jacobs and Shane Ashforth.

Off the Gun High Gun was won by Daniel Feutz after some very consistent shooting over both disciplines and the Handicap High Gun was won by Nick Wiseman after his brilliant performance in the UT.

All our winners took a share of our usual hefty prize pool of Killwell dollars to spend on the Killwell website and our UT winners won Fiocchi Ammunition. We thank Killwell, Target Products and Laporte for their continual support of Universal Trench in New Zealand.  

Compak 150

Off the Gun:

  • Daniel Feutz - 143

  • Adam Green - 141 + 13 s/off

  • Richard Jacobs - 141 + 11 s/off


  • James Mabin - 150 (120 + 30 targets in)

  • Nick Wiseman - 147 (129 + 18 targets in) + 5 s/off

  • Natalie Rooney - 147 (123 + 24 targets in) + 4 + 8 s/off

  • Richard Jacobs - 147 (141 + 6 targets in) + 4 + 7 s/off

  • Shane Ashforth - 147 (135 + 12 targets in) + 3 s/off

  • Rob Edwards - 146 (134 + 12 targets in)


Universal Trench 150

Off the Gun:

  • Nick Wiseman - 145

  • Natalie Rooney - 141

  • Daniel Feutz - 140


  • Josh Lourie B2 - 148 (130 + 18 targets in) + 8 s/off

  • Nick Wiseman A1 - 148 (145 + 3 targets in) + 7 s/off

  • John Hillock B2 - 147 (129 + 18 targets in)

  • Cameron Spargo B1 - 146 (134 + 12 targets in) + 1 s/off

  • Steve O'Hara C1 - 146 (122 + 24 targets in) + 0 s/off

  • Jamie Cane B2 - 145 (127 + 18 targets in)

Handicap Weekend High Gun
The Handicap High Gun winner was Nick Wiseman 295/300 (Universal Trench 145 + 3 targets in, plus Compak 129 + 18 targets in) with Natalie Rooney runner up on 291/300 and James Mabin second runner up on 290/300.
Overall Weekend High Gun

The Overall High Gun winner off the gun was Daniel Feutz with 283/300. Runner up Adam Green on 276/300. Equal second runners up were James Mackie and Nick Wiseman both on 274/300

Kilwell Raffle
Two draws were made for a couple of great raffle prizes, being an Orvis Carry It All and an Allen GearFit Gun Case, both from Kilwell Sports. The first draw from the pot was David Donald, and the second James Mackie, with that the only winning David and James did over the weekend. Thanks once again to Kilwell Sports for their support of UTNZ and the clay target shooting community.

Thank you to Hutt Valley member Brendon Gutschlag for the majority of photography in the gallery following. Natalie Rooney and Karen Hayes also contributing. Thank you all.

Full Results
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