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APRIL 3rd & 4th 2021

We had a great turn out for the Autumn UT and Compak 300 over the Easter Weekend. With many first-time shooters to our series, whom we hope to see them again at future shoots. The format of having 150 Universal Trench and 150 Compak over two days is proving an ideal combination of variety and challenge and attracting shooters from different disciplines to give both a go.

We are very thankful to South Island Sporting Clays for helping make this Timaru event possible. Making available a quantity of their sporting traps and associated equipment for the weekend, enabling us to set up two full Compak fields which made for continuous competition over 6 different Compak settings. Thank you to Ross Denton, Steve Gill and the team.

Day one saw some great shooting in the UT from Daniel Feutz and James Mackie with Daniel shooting 73/75 and James just one target behind on 72. In the compak we had Laurence Arundell shooting beautifully over a couple of challenging fields to take the lead on the first day with 68/75.

The second day saw some interesting weather with a very strong Norwest playing havoc with the targets. Pushing some of the UT targets into the ground, and some of the Compak into very long shots. The wind also made for an extra long day but after another 75 targets on day two Graeme Ede made a charge up the leader board shooting an impressive 73/75 in the windy conditions, but it was not quite enough to catch Daniel Feutz who kept his lead and took out the Universal Trench.

In the Compak we had some great shooting with Max Edwards shooting extremely well to challenge Laurence for the lead. In the end they both ended up on 132/150 and Laurence took the win after a shoot off.

All our winners took away a share of over $3,000 Kilwell dollars and the winners in the UT also took their allocation of Target Products Ltd Fiocchi Ammunition.

Compak 150


Off the Gun:

  • Laurence Arundell - 132 + 5 s/off

  • Max Edwards - 132 + 4 s/off

  • Daniel Feutz - 131


  • Nick Wiseman - 144 (120 + 24 targets in)

  • Richard Jacobs - 141 (123 + 18 targets in)

  • Lyndon Arundell - 140 (122 + 18 targets in)

  • James Mackie - 136 (130 + 6 targets in)

  • Laurence Arundell - 135 (132 + 3 targets in) + 5 s/off

  • Max Edwards - 135 (132 + 3 targets in) + 4 s/off


Universal Trench 150


Off the Gun:

  • Daniel Feutz - 141

  • Graeme Ede - 140

  • Natalie Rooney - 138


  • David Nicholson C2 - 145 (115 + 30 targets in)

  • Daniel Feutz A1 - 144 (141 + 3 targets in)

  • Graeme Ede A1 - 143 (140 + 3 targets in)

  • Bob Rowley C2 - 143 (113 + 30 targets in)

  • Natalie Rooney A1 - 141 (138 + 3 targets in)

  • James Mackie A1 - 141 (138 + 3 targets in)


Handicap Weekend High Gun
The Handicap High Gun winner was Nick Wiseman 279/300 (Universal Trench 129 + 6 targets in, plus Compak 120 + 24 targets in)
Overall Weekend High Gun

The Overall High Gun winner off the gun was Daniel Feutz with 272/300. We need to heap praise on Daniel for his efforts in this result. Not only did he shoot brilliantly over the weekend in amongst setting targets for 6 Compak fields, but also in the lead up and pack up of the event. Huge display of winning while working.

Kilwell Raffle
Our 10 gun safe from Kilwell was won by Karen Marshall. Great to see Karen giving both disciplines a go, the UT for the first time, well done. Thank you to Kilwell for making such a great prize available.

Big thanks to our sponsors Kilwell, Fiocchi NZ and Laporte. Without their continued support the series could not continue with such great success. Also, a thanks to the Timaru Club for hosting the event with on going commitment from Club President Natalie Rooney, and much appreciated assistance throughout the weekend from Ned and Chris Kelland. Thank you to Sarah Bryant for the clubhouse help throughout the weekend. Also Mark Wiseman, who returned to the club on Monday morning with his son Nick to help pack up all the Compak equipment.

Much appreciation to all the shooters who attended. We appreciate the support of what UTNZ is doing and hope you enjoyed it. UT events attract a really supportive and positive crowd, and the entry list of Timaru was no exception. The atmosphere and camaraderie was excellent. Special thanks to all shooters who helped with tasks throughout the weekend, and of course a well done and thanks to the UTNZ Inc. committee for another successful event. See you at Waitemata on 29th & 30th May.

Full Results
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