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The following rules are applicable to all UTNZ Inc. managed qualifying events held throughout New Zealand. They may also be applied to any other Compak event at a clubs discretion, as ‘club rules’ supplementary to NZCTA approved rules. The following rules are not NZCTA approved rules, and are supplementary to NZCTA rules. The NZCTA Rule Book (authorised by NZCTA Council February 2014, Updated April 2021) forms the basis for which these rules supplement.

The following Handicap rules may be applied to Compak Sporting matches with total match targets in multiples of 50.

Handicapping for Compak Sporting

3.1 Handicap ‘targets in’ is to be based on a percentage bracket range system, and shall be determined by taking the higher of the most recent two rule off percentages for Compak from their NZCTA Handicap book. If they do not have a Compak rule off, then their Sporting Clays grade shall apply. Otherwise see 3.3.

Basic NZCTA grade percentages for Compak and Sporting Clays
AA grade - 83% and above
A grade - 74% - 82.9%
B grade - 63% - 73.9%
C grade - less than 63%

Bracket - rule off percentage                targets in         targets in
I bracket - 96% and above                  0 over 50       (1 over 150)    
II bracket - 93% and below 96%          0 over 50       (2 over 150)
III bracket - 87% and below 93%         1 over 50       (3 over 150)
VI bracket - 81% and below 87%         2 over 50       (6 over 150)
XII bracket - 74% and below 81%         4 over 50      (12 over 150)    
XVIII bracket - 69% and below 74%      6 over 50       (18 over 150)
XXIV bracket - 63% and below 69%      8 over 50       (24 over 150)

XXX bracket - below 63%                    10 over 50     (30 over 150)

3.2 Movement from this ‘bracket’ will be established from shooting Compak targets only, for percentage rule off movements. Earned ‘handicap by placing’ movements shall only be earned at UTNZ Inc. managed qualifying tournaments, and shall only be applicable to the discipline in which they were earned.

a) Handicap by percentage will be established at each percentage rule off of Compak targets in a shooters NZCTA handicap book. The number of targets shot to be re-bracketed up shall be 200, and the number of targets shot to be re-bracketed down shall be 400. (As per NZCTA rule 3-01 (h) rule offs shall occur at the conclusion of a match, not necessarily the end of a day.)

b) Earned handicap by placing. (Earned handicap by placing movements will be applicable to all UTNZ Inc. Handicap matches, and may only be earned and applied in the their respective disciplines). A first placing at a UTNZ Inc. managed qualifying event shall incur a 2 bracket upward movement in that discipline. A second or third placing shall incur a single bracket upward movement.

c) Penalties earned via placings (as in b above) are not cumulative with percentage penalties. Only the highest penalty shall apply.

d) A shooter who’s handicap bracket was established as in (b) above with an earned handicap by placing, may be confirmed in that percentage bracket, or re-bracketed upward on the subsequent 200 target percentage rule off. They may only be re-bracketed downward after having competed in at least one subsequent UTNZ Inc. managed qualifying event where that penalty earned via placing has applied, whereafter, the shooters ruled off percentages will apply as per 3.1.

e) As per NZCTA rule 3-02 (k) no shooter who has achieved an A grade bracket can ever go back to a C Grade bracket, for the purposes of these handicapping rules. (This does not preclude NZCTA rule 3-02 (j)). This excludes a shooter who may achieve an A grade ‘bracket’ through earned ‘handicap by placing’ movement (penalty for winning a UTNZ event), where, after the appropriate amount of targets have been shot for a downward movement, they shall be re-bracketed to their ‘handicap by percentage’ bracket. (Which may be a C bracket)

3.3 Shooters attending a handicap event without a rule off in Compak (or Sporting Clays) targets shall be have a handicap bracket established in one of the following ways:

a) If that shooter has shot at least 100 registered Compak targets, a temporary percentage calculation shall be carried out on that number to bracket the shooter for that event. Subsequently, at the end of the event a rule off will be carried out, and that percentage rule off will establish the shooters handicap bracket. The temporary percentage will hold no bearing against the official rule off. i.e 400 targets are not required for a downward movement if that is the case, the percentage rule off will instantly determine that shooters starting earned handicap bracket.

b) A shooter who has less than 100 registered Compak targets in their NZCTA handicap book, but with experience in other clay target disciplines, will be graded according to NZCTA rule 3-24 ‘Starting Grade for Experienced Shooters’.

(i) NZCTA rule 3-24 ‘If a shooter has attained AA or A grade in any discipline, their starting grade in any new discipline is to be one grade lower than the highest grade achieved. Starting percentage for the new discipline is to be equal to the lowest percentage for the new grade, in the new discipline. If the shooter’s highest grade in any other discipline is B or under, new shooter rules for that discipline will apply.’

(ii) AA shall apply, and AA in any other discipline will determine A grade as the starting grade for Compak.

(iii) Shooters establishing a handicap by this rule shall enter at the lower of the grade brackets, given their base percentage will be the base of that grade. i.e a AA DTL shooter shall enter Compak as an A grade shooter, and as an XII bracket (12 targets in over 150) competitor given their starting percentage would be 74%. An A grade skeet shooter, shall enter Compak as a B grade shooter with starting percentage of 63%, and therefore as a XXIV bracket competitor (24 targets in over 150)

c) A new shooter who doesn’t comply with (a) or (b) above shall be placed in C grade, XXX bracket, and shall be given a starting percentage of 59%.

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