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JANUARY 4th & 5th 2020

A successful kick off for 2020 on the weekend at Hawke's Bay. Huge thank you to our sponsors, specifically Fiocchi NZ & Target Products Ltd for ammunition prize sponsorship to ALL of our Universal Trench winners and High Gun, plus Laporte and Kilwell. We threw Laporte flash targets for the last round of UT on Sunday and everyone loved the experience, plus ALL winners received Kilwell dollars for the Kilwell online store. Finally Richard Jacobs was a deserving winner of the $1000 Kilwell raffle, and Toby Nicholl of the gun case raffle. The fund raising raffle was very successful first step in establishing an account to support our 2021 teams that are being selected this year to travel overseas to UT World Champs in 2021.

Thanks to Peter Carley for event photgraphy.

Compak 75

Our first Compak match of 2020 took place on Saturday, alternating with the Universal Trench rounds. Three different fields provided a great variety of targets in amongst the pine plantation, and Max Edwards put on a great disciplined display to finish on 69. Toby Nicholl was enjoying himself, and with a few targets in credit with the Handicap system, managed to stay in touch with Max to take the Handicap win. Many thanks to the club, Jack Whale and his team for the big set up effort, and great targets on display.


Off the Gun:

Winner - Max Edwards 69

Runner Up - Toby Nicholl 66

Second Runner Up - Robert Prince 65



  • Winner - Toby Nicholl 72 (66 + 6 in) B Grade

  • Runner Up - Max Edwards 69 (69 + 0 in) AA Grade

  • Third - Robert Prince 68 (65 + 3 in) A Grade

  • Fourth - Cameron Spargo 66 (57 + 9 in) C Grade

  • Fifth - Daniel Feutz 64 (64 + 0 in) AA Grade

  • Sixth - Stephen O'Hara 64 (58 + 6 in) B Grade


Ball Trap 50

Two rounds of Ball Trap took place on Sunday in between the trench rounds, and we had great feedback on the target settings off the Laporte ball trap with Laporte Grand Prix targets. Again Handicap worked very well with a mix of A, B and C grade shooters reaching the 50, and entering a first miss & out shoot off. If Handicap put shooters over the 50 possible, those targets were carried into the shoot off. Paul Smith, Chris Robinson and Myles Browne-Cole all entered the shoot off with 2 targets up their sleeve, James Mackie and David Donald with 1, and Darryl Bott, Robert Prince and Hayley Morice with no lives. Myles made it through to 25 using his 2 targets, and James made 25 with his one life in tact. Changing to single barrel James used his target credit in the first 5, but came out on top shortly after.


Off the Gun:

  • Winner - James Mackie 50 +3 s/off

  • Runner Up - Myles Browne-Cole 50 +2 s/off

  • Second Runner Up - Robert Prince 48


  • Winner - James Mackie 51 (50 + 1 in) plus 29 s/off

  • Runner Up - Myles Browne-Cole 52 (50 + 2 in) plus 27 s/off

  • Third - Paul Smith 52 (43 + 9 in) plus 14 s/off

  • Fourth - Robert Prince 50 (48 + 2 in) plus 11 plus 2 s/off

  • Fifth - Chris Robinson 52 (47 + 5 in) plus 11 plus 1 s/off

  • Sixth - David Donald 51 (46 + 5 in) plus 3 s/off


Universal Trench 150

A full capacity of 48 shooters gave the new installation at Hawkes Bay a thorough workout over the two days with over 7,000 targets flying. The new Laporte traps and Grand Prix targets were flawless with next to zero 'no targets' from broken releases. Super impressive. Cameron Spargo was the first to notch up 25 straight, and then Myles Browne-Cole put on a huge display to shoot 100 UT targets straight. The first 100 straight in New Zealand. Cameron kept up his good form over two days, leading day one from Myles and James Mackie, and staying very close on Sunday, finishing third overall, and taking the Handicap win. Again the Handicap system looked to be on the money with a mix of A, B and C grades throughout. There was a shoot off for 5 & 6th places with 6 shooters on 144 Handicapped, all from 4 different Handicap brackets.


Off the Gun:

  • Winner - James Mackie 141

  • Runner Up - Myles Browne-Cole 140

  • Second Runner Up - Cameron Spargo 139


  • Winner - Cameron Spargo 154 (139 + 15 in)

  • Runner Up - Mitch Davis 150 (135 + 15 in)

  • Third - Hayley Morice 148 (121 + 27 in)

  • Fourth - Myles Browne-Cole 146 (140 + 6 in)

  • Fifth - John Hillock 145 (130 + 15)

  • Sixth - James Mackie 144 (141 + 3 in) plus 5 s/off


Stuart J Mackie Memorial Cup Overall High Gun

Being presented for the first time was the memorial cup for Hawkes Bay member Stuart Mackie. Stuart was a past National and Island Champion in DTL disciplines. It is many years since Stuart has passed, but he would be very supportive of the positive progress being made in clay target shooting with these disciplines, and specifically at his old club of Hawke's Bay. Stuarts wife Jan was at the club to present the cup to Toby Nicholl who took a popular win with a score of 250/275 over all three disciplines of the weekend.

Thank you to all who attended. It was a very busy weekend, but ran very smoothly thanks to great facilities. Please continue to support these weekends by coming and joining in. All are welcome.

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