NOVEMBER 21st & 22nd 2020

The grand finale started out on Friday with 14 of us heading out to Boomrock to shoot some sporting. Boomrock has been a major supporter of UTNZ and it was great to be able to head out there and show our support and thank them. What a spectacular setup they have out there. The views, target set up and staff were outstanding and there was some friendly banter and competition between us shooters. Daniel Feutz came out the winner on a 68/75, not far behind was Toby Nicholl on 67/75 and the Nick Wiseman came third with 66/75. Finishing up the day with some flurries and then nibbles and drinks, it was the perfect way to start off the weekend.

Continental Trap 50

Daniel Feutz and Natalie Rooney shot the highest scores on 49 but Richard Jacobs was the clear winner in the Handicap shooting a 48 then taking his extra 4 targets to clear the field.

Off the Gun:

  • Natalie Rooney - 49 + 2 s/off

  • Daniel Feutz - 49 + 1 s/off

  • Myles Browne-Cole - 48 + 20 s/off


  • Richard Jacobs - B Grade - 52 (48 + 4 targets in)

  • Natalie Rooney - AA Grade - 49 (0 targets in) + 2 s/off

  • Daniel Feutz - AA Grade - 49 (0 targets in) + 1 s/off

  • Myles Browne-Cole - AA Grade - 48 (0 targets in) + 12 s/off

  • Bill Luxton - A Grade - 48 (46 + 2 targets in) + 11 s/off

  • James Mackie - AA Grade - 47 (0 targets in) + 13 s/off

Ball Trap 50

Off the Gun:

  • Myles Browne-Cole - 49

  • Natalie Rooney - 48 + 3 s/off

  • Toby Nicholl - 48 + 2 s/off


  • Myles Browne-Cole - A1 - 50 (49 + 1 target in)

  • Natalie Rooney - A1 - 49 (48 + 1 target in) + 3 s/off

  • Toby Nicholl - A1 - 49 (48 + 1 target in) + 2 s/off

  • Rob Edwards - B2 - 48 (43 + 5 targets in)

  • Max Edwards - B1 - 47 (44 + 3 targets in)

  • David Donald - C1 - 46 (39 + 7 targets in) + 1 s/off

Universal Trench 150

Saturday saw the typical Hutt Valley weather return with some strong winds but it did not seem to bother Myles Browne-Cole as he shot a stunning 74/75 on day 1 of the UT placing him 4 targets clear of the next scores. Sunday was much the same as Saturday except a little colder. We shot the last 75 targets of the UT alternating with 50 Ball Trap. There was some great shooting again on Sunday, but no one was able to catch Myles after his first day performance, finishing the day with a 144/150. Brilliant shooting in windy conditions.

Off the Gun:

  • Myles Browne-Cole - 144

  • Toby Nicholl - 141

  • James Mackie - 140


  • Cameron Spargo - C1 - 149 (128 + 21 targets in)

  • Myles Browne-Cole - A1 - 147 (144 + 3 targets in)

  • Toby Nicholl - A1 - 144 (141 + 3 targets in)

  • James Mackie - A1 - 143 (140 + 3 targets in)

  • Graeme Ede - A1 - 142 (139 + 3 targets in) + 1 s/off

  • Robert Prince - A2 - 142 (136 + 6 targets in) + 0 s/off

Overall High Gun


Myles Browne-Cole - 241/250

2020 National Series Championships

With it being the finale for the year, the 2020 National series champions were crowned. Because of COVID and the cancellation of one of our events the series champion had to compete in 3 events this year and the winners are the shooters with the highest total of their 3 best performances for both Off the Gun and Handicap. Since Aucklanders were not able to make it to Canterbury the UT committee decided that there would be a separate catchup event for them in Auckland of 75 targets and the first day of Hutt Valley competition, combined with a comparative calculation to make up the ‘percentage’ opportunity that they missed. Myles Browne-Cole made the most of the opportunity and ended up taking out the Overall National Series Champ with a total of 298.58 out of a possible 300.00. Nick Wiseman has had an exceptional series performance as well and took out the Handicap National Series Champ with 366 points from a possible 450. Both of these shooters received a high specification CZ 457 Varmint rifle from Kilwell Sports, along with Fiocchi ammunition from Target Products. Plus the first Gold, Silver and Black sashes we’ve ever printed. Well done! A reinforcement of the brilliant support UTNZ has received from Kilwell (and it’s Laporte and CZ brands) along with Target Products and it’s Falcon and Fiocchi NZ brands.

Our series championship presentation was a reinforcement of the brilliant support UTNZ has received from Kilwell (and it’s Laporte and CZ brands) along with Target Products and it’s Falcon and Fiocchi NZ brands. A big thanks to these sponsors who have been there since day one of UT in NZ. Thanks to Target Products and Kilwell, we have been able to present over $3,700 in prize pool at each and every UTNZ event this year, which include big payouts of Kilwell vouchers.

Boomrock and Aquaheat have also thrown a lot of support into our 2020 season, especially with their contribution to our 2020 teams (from 2019 selection). The kit that UTNZ has been able to provide every shooter has received rave reviews, with multiple team polos, jacket, and Castellani vests, which are the best around. This is all thanks to our above group of sponsors, and the forecast is good for next year.

Thank you to everyone that has come along and supported the UT series this year. We hope to see you all again next year and welcome anyone wanting to give it ago.



  • Nick Wiseman - 366 Championship points from possible 450 (best 3 events - max 150 points to winner of each event)

End of Series Major Raffle

With the end of the series we also had the big end of year Major Raffle that was drawn on Sunday afternoon. The $2000 Kilwell Sports Voucher winner was Wal Dalley from Nelson. The $1000 Kilwell Sports Voucher winner was Ray Russell from Palmerston North and the $500 Kilwell Sports Voucher winner was Ian Mackie from Pukekohe.

  • $2000 Kilwell Sports Voucher: Wal Dalley - Nelson

  • $1000 Kilwell Sports Voucher: Ray Russell - Palmerston North

  • $500 Kilwell Sports Voucher: Ian Mackie - Pukekohe


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