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MARCH 19th & 20th 2022

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Interest and support continue to grow for our UTNZ Inc. Series of events in 2022, with our second event of the year attaining a full entry book a week out from event kick off! Due to Covid withdrawals, some of those on the waiting list managed to get a spot. The atmosphere of anticipation for a major contest was palatable come Saturday morning, with a quality entry list of many of the country's best shooters. It was a pleasure to host World DTL and multi National title winner Jon Beddis for his first UTNZ Inc. event, adding to the already tough competition provided by Olympic medalist Natalie Rooney, Commonwealth champion Graeme Ede, Olympian and multi National title winner Des Coe, among other National shotgun champions such as Owen Robinson, Myles Browne-Cole, Nick Wiseman, Grant Preston, Chris Robinson, Tim Fuller.

Our Handicap system provides the means for newer shooters, some trying out this discipline for the first time, to fight our internationally experienced shooters to take out some of the major prizes, and we had another successful weekend of acknowledging B and C Grade shooters earning the Handicap wins. If you're wondering how the system works, it is based on allocating target in credit to a shooter, based on their rule off percentages, similar to the American Skeet handicap system. Have a read here for a run down

The Series continues to go from strength to strength, and it's great to see all of our entrants buy into the atmosphere of fun, enjoyment of the game, camaraderie and a good dose of banter. Sincere thanks to all those shooters who chose to allocate their precious time and funds to joining us at these events. It is all thanks to the competitors that we have a successful series. Thank you to the Waikato CTC, specifically those members who assisted UTNZ Inc. in bringing the event to Waikato, helping with set up and assisting throughout.


Compak 150

The Waikato club is a real treat for equipment and space to setup our Compak fields, and we had a great crew lead by Daniel Feutz, setting us some high quality challenging Compak targets. Saturday saw a big challenge laid down by the man himself, Daniel finishing the day on a super solid 73, well clear of the otherwise tightly packed field. Andy McKee and Morgan Kircher were neck in neck with their Handicap allowance, making for an intriguing Sunday. Given the up and down scores, consistency was going to prove to be key and ones determination to keep their head down to the last target would be important given how easily a trip up could happen.

Sunday saw Glen Catlin make a big run for the finish shooting 70/75 Off the Gun, to give him the Handicap win once his total was added to his targets in credit allowance. Also overtaking Morgan and Andy was Matthew Steedman who shot a solid Sunday, and even with only 1 target up his sleeve in credit the hard spannering Daniel Feutz still managed to upset 2nd place in the Handicap rankings. Once again an even mix of Compak Grades were represented in the top 10 of Handicap, with a B Grader taking the win, multiple other B and C graders represented, and a sprinkling of A and AA Compak shooters taking a share of the big prize pool also.

Max Edwards shot a great 71/75 on Sunday to lock away the Off Gun runner up position without further contest. Mike Steedman was required to contest a shoot off with the legend of Des Coe for the bronze medal position after they both finished equal after 150 targets. Mike completing a blinding simultaneous pair shoot off of 9/10 to take the third place honours. But well out in front of the whole field, maintaining his big lead from Saturday was Daniel Feutz, finishing on a great an excellent 144/150.

Off the Gun:

  • Daniel Feutz - 144

  • Max Edwards - 133

  • Mike Steedman - 132 + 9 s/off


  • Glenn Catlin - 18 targets in + 129 Off Gun = 147

  • Daniel Feutz - 1 target in + 144 Off Gun = 145

  • Morgan Kircher - 24 targets in + 118 Off Gun = 142 + 8 s/off

  • Matthew Steedman - 12 targets in + 130 Off Gun = 142 + 7 s/off

  • Andy McKee - 24 targets in + 115 Off Gun = 139

  • Max Edwards - 3 targets in + 133 Off Gun = 136 + 8 s/off

  • Grant Preston - 12 targets in + 124 Off Gun = 136 + 7 s/off

  • Mike Steedman - 3 targets in + 132 Off Gun = 135 + 9 s/off

  • Des Coe - 3 targets in + 132 Off Gun = 135 + 6 s/off

  • Shane Ashforth - 6 targets in + 128 Off Gun = 134 + 8 s/off


Universal Trench 150

The fight for the UT on Saturday reflected the high quality field, with Owen Robinson taking a midway lead of 1 target over a bunch of shooters who finished Saturday on 71/75. There were no break away groups, with the leader board showing a tight race the whole way down through the 60's. Infact you had to get to 38th place before the score dropped below 60. UTNZ Inc. debutantes Quentin Mathers and Sean Gledhill, along with Darren Lupton were putting up some super solid numbers to add to their Handicap target in allowances. They would be hard to chase down on Sunday.


Saturdays good conditions didn't roll over for Sunday with the weather breaking up into stiff wind with dark light conditions that fluctuated. The field slimmed a little as some eventually dropped off the front running pace. Myles Browne-Cole and Daniel Feutz backed up their solid Saturday performances, each posting 70/75. Natalie Rooney shot an excellent 71/75 but it wasn't enough to over take the 141/150 totals of Myles and Daniel. Managing to handle the conditions in solid fashion however, was James Mackie who backed up his 71 from Saturday with a fine 73 to stretch out to a 3 target lead over the field. Finishing on 144.

The Handicap saw day one leader Quentin Mathers display wonderful consistency to stretch out and maintain targets up his sleeve for the shoot off. Darren Lupton also made the end of Sunday with a target in credit for the shoot off, but it wasn't enough to see off Quentin, who claimed a great win on debut. The Handicap did a great job of recognising all grades, and more so than a traditional grading system. Four C graders took home a slice of the huge sponsored prize pool, with the top two prizes going to C Graders Quentin and Darren. Three B graders took their share including Nicholas Hutt who also took the Junior category win. Three A graders used their few targets of credit to get amongst the top 10 leader board also.

It was great to recognise some other great supporters of the UTNZ Inc. series in the FITASC Categories, with Natalie Rooney and John Hillock both winning their section, along with top all round shotgunner Grant Preston taking Senior, Victor Hyde the Masters and Nicholas Hutt the Juniors from a quality field of young talent.

Off the Gun (Open Category):

  • James Mackie - 144

  • Myles Browne-Cole - 141

  • Daniel Feutz - 141


  • Quentin Mathers (C2 grade) - 30 targets in + 131 Off Gun = 161 + 4 s/off

  • Darren Lupton (C2 grade) - 30 targets in + 121 Off Gun = 151 + 3 s/off

  • Nicholas Hutt (B2 grade) - 18 targets in + 130 Off Gun = 148

  • Sean Gledhill (C2 grade) - 30 targets in + 116 Off Gun = 146

  • James Mackie (AA2 grade) - 2 targets in + 144 Off Gun = 146

  • David Donald (C1 grade) - 24 targets in + 121 Off Gun = 145

  • Myles Browne-Cole (A1 grade) - 3 targets in + 141 Off Gun = 144 + 4 s/off

  • Max Matsell (B2 grade) - 18 targets in + 126 Off Gun = 144 + 3 s/off

  • Daniel Feutz (A1 grade) - 3 targets in + 141 Off Gun = 144

  • Max Edwards (B1 grade) - 12 targets in + 131 Off Gun = 143

FITASC Categories:

  • Junior - Nichols Hutt - 130

  • Lady - Natalie Rooney - 140

  • Senior - Grant Preston - 135

  • Veteran - John Hillock - 120

  • Master - Victor Hyde - 114

Handicap Weekend High Gun

Quentin Mathers from Hawke's Bay won the Handicap High Gun on a 'targets in' adjusted score of 292/300. (Universal Trench 131 + 30 targets in, plus Compak 101 + 30 targets in). Daniel Feutz runner up on 289/300. Second runner up was Glenn Catlin 281/300. Quentin is new to the UTNZ Inc. events so it was great to see him take this win along with Handicap Universal Trench. A great display over the weekend and sounds like we have him hooked.

Overall Weekend High Gun

Daniel Feutz took out the Overall Weekend High Gun after a great display of shooting across the disciplines resulting in a brilliant 285/300 (Compak 144 + Universal Trench 141). Runner up James Mackie 272/300. Second runner up was Max Edwards on 264/300.

Full Results
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