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New for 2020, we've introduced a great system of handicapping 'by targets in' for each event over the weekend. Universal Trench, Compak and Ball Trap, they will all have a Handicap prize pool in addition to 1st - 3rd Off The Gun scores. It's keeping it simple, similar to golf, and categories and grades become irrelevant as the Handicap system takes care of all age and ability differences.

Here's the scenario:

For Universal Trench, we will be looking at your book for your Universal Trench rule off percentage, and this puts you in one of eight handicap brackets. Fear not if you don't have any targets in your book, we can still place you into a fair category. (See all our rules for Handicap in the above button selections)

Based on these 'brackets' you will be given targets in by the following table:

Bracket - rule off percentage                           targets in          targets in
AA1 grade - 95.5% and above                     0 over 50         (1 over 150)    
AA2 grade - 93% and below 95.5%              0 over 50         (2 over 150)
A1 grade - 90% and below 93%                   1 over 50         (3 over 150)
A2 grade - 87% and below 90%                   2 over 50         (6 over 150)
B1 grade - 83.5% and below 87%                4 over 50         (12 over 150)    
B2 grade - 80% and below 83.5%                6 over 50         (18 over 150)
C1 grade - 74% and below 80%                  8 over 50         (24 over 150)    
C2 grade - below 74%                               10 over 50        (30 over 150) 

At the end of 150 targets (or 50 for ball trap which uses the same table) the targets in will be added to your 'off the gun' score, and we will see how you sit. If you break the 150; Say you're B2 bracket and you shoot 133/150 which gives 18 targets in over the 150 match, and therefore you are 151 with your Handicap included, then you will go into a shoot off with anyone else who broke the 150 possible, and you will have targets in credit in the shoot off. For the B2 shooter who handicapped at 151, you can miss one, and carry on, and it's your 2nd miss that will knock you out of the shoot off. (Our Handicap shoot off's will be first miss and out after credit is used). If all handicaps are applied and no one has reached 150, then the applied ranking list forms the results with any tie shoot offs from scratch as necessary.

Handicapping will apply to all matches we may run. Universal, Compak, Continental and Ball Trap, so no matter your skill level in either discipline, you're factored in as a contender. It gives everyone a great chance of winning the Handicap Sash, Kilwell dollars, and Fiocchi FBLU ammunition. We'll take care of everything and post results live on this website so everyone stays up to date.

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