The following rules are applicable to all UTNZ Inc. managed qualifying events held throughout New Zealand. They may also be applied to any other Universal Trench event at a clubs discrtetion, as ‘club rules’ supplementary to NZCTA approved rules. The following rules are not NZCTA approved rules, and are supplementary to NZCTA rules for Universal Trench. The NZCTA Rule Book (authorised by NZCTA Council February 2014, Updated July 2019) forms the basis for which these Universal Trench rules supplement.

The following Handicap rules may be applied to Universal Trench or Ball Trap matches with total match targets of 50 or 150, and also Compak Sporting and Continental Trap matches with total match targets in multiples of 25. i.e Universal Trench 150 target match, and Compak Sporting 75 target match.

Handicapping for Continental Trap

2.1 Handicap ‘targets in’ is to be based on a percentage bracket range system, and shall be established from the shooters Common Mark 15 Metre percentage rule off from their NZCTA Handicap book.

Basic NZCTA grade percentages for Common Mark
AA grade - 96% and above
A grade - 93% - 95.9%
B grade - 86% - 92.9%
C grade - less than 86%

Bracket - rule off percentage        targets in                    targets in
AA grade - 96% and above        0 targets per 25         (0 over 75)    
A grade - 93% - 95.9%              1 target per 25          (3 over 75)
B grade - 86% - 92.9%              2 targets per 25         (6 over 75)
C grade - less than 86%             3 targets per 25         (9 over 75)

2.2 Movement from this ‘bracket’ (earned handicap) will be established from shooting Common Mark 15m targets only, for percentage rule off movements. Earned ‘handicap by placing’ movements shall only be earned at UTNZ Inc. managed qualifying tournaments shooting Continental Trap, and shall only be applicable to Continental Trap.

a) Earned handicap by percentage will be established at each percentage rule off of Common Mark 15m targets in a shooters NZCTA handicap book, as per NZCTA rules.

b) Earned handicap by placing. A first placing at a UTNZ Inc. managed qualifying event in Continental Trap shall incur a 2 bracket upward movement. A second or third placing shall incur a single bracket upward movement.

c) Penalties earned via placings (as in b above) are not cumulative with percentage penalties. The highest penalty shall apply. This shall be reviewed at any subsequent event to determine the highest penalty. i.e A shooter may of earned movement from C bracket to A bracket handicap by winning the first event. If at the second event their percentage rule off for Common Mark 15m has since moved to AA grade, then AA bracket handicapping shall apply.

d) A shooter who’s handicap bracket was established as in (b) above with an earned handicap by placing, may be confirmed in that percentage bracket, or rebracketed upward at their next 200 target percentage rule off. They may only be rebracketed downward after 400 targets, and after having competed in at least one subsequent UTNZ Inc. qualifying event where that penalty earned via placing has applied.

c) As per NZCTA rule 3-02 (k) no shooter who has achieved an A grade bracket can ever go back to a C Grade bracket, for the purposes of these handicapping rules. (This does not preclude NZCTA rule 3-02 (j)). This excludes a shooter who may achieve an A grade ‘bracket’ through earned ‘handicap by placing’ movement (penalty for winning a UTNZ Continental Trap event), where, after the appropriate amount of targets have been shot for a downward movement, they shall be rebracketed to their earned ‘handicap by percentage’ bracket. (Which may be C grade)

2.3 For shooters without a Common Mark 15m percentage rule off.

a) Shooters new to Common Mark 15m, but with experience in other clay target disciplines, will be graded according to NZCTA rule 3-24 ‘Starting Grade for Experienced Shooters’. Refer 1.3 (a) (i) above.

(i) AA shall apply, and AA in any other discipline will determine A grade as the starting grade for Compak.

b) A new shooter who doesn’t comply with (a) above shall be placed in grade/bracket C, and shall be given a starting percentage of 74%.

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